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Coming Back to Finish What WE Started

Affordable Housing
  • Develop a rent assistance voucher program for the City

  • Support for Affordable Housing units utilizing City owned land.

  • Plan for Affordable Housing units along the transit corridors.

  • Advocate for another $50 million housing bond.

  • Increase funding for Housing Trust Fund.


Economic Development
  • Develop a strategic Upward Mobility Program

  • Support funding for the Women's Business Center.

  • Support funding for our Corridors of Opportunity 

  • Develop a new funding source for Start-Up businesses.

  • Advocate for increasing minority business participation in City contracts.


Public Safety
  • Implementing crime watch programs in neighborhoods

  • Educating citizens when to call 911

  • Advocating for Implicit Bias & Diversity Training for police officers

  • Support funding for non-profit organizations committed to preventing violent behavior.

  • Continue to provide funding for new police stations.

  • Approve funding for de-escalation training for our police officers.

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